Do you feel like there’s something...missing in your life?

You’re not here to find out what the “right job” is for you, or to come up with a “great business idea”. What a snooze fest.  Imagine waking up every day with a feeling of anticipation and excitement for what that day will bring.  I felt like that in July when I was going to visit my twin sisters in Sicily - I couldn’t wait to stuff my face with pasta, cackle at inane things with those two crazies and shout rude words at sleazy Sicilian men. 

But you can’t travel, drink, eat and talk crap with your fav peeps all the time (boo). We spend most of our time working. So what is it that gets you to the office to stare at your laptop Monday to Friday?  

A promotion? A pay rise? Doing a great job on a report or project? Hanging out on your lunch break with your work buddies? 

I was motivated by getting promoted and getting paid more. I’ve achieved those goals - I made Senior Manager in a global consulting firm when I was 27, and the amount of money I make means I can afford to live in a beautiful apartment in the heart of San Francisco, eat and drink at the best restaurants in the city and travel overseas a few times a year. 

And yet...even though I’ve achieved a lot in my life, I still felt like something was missing. I had a deep desire to be “more me” - to do all that I’m capable of doing and to pursue something beyond myself. So I’m working towards a life where my work brings me fulfillment because I’m doing what I love and helping others change their lives for the better.  
What would your life look like if you felt excited, happy and fulfilled every day? Would it mean traveling whenever you wanted to places you had never been? Entertaining friends in your dream home and cooking for your family in your dream kitchen? Going on date night with your husband to your favourite restaurant and ordering the best bottle of wine on the menu? Having more time to play with your kids? 

Having a reason that’s bigger than yourself will help you take action and feel more fulfilled. If you believe in something, and you love doing it, you will work hard to make it happen. You don’t need to wait for the “right job” or a “great business idea” to make your life happen. 

Discover your passion and build your life around it. 


Sophie xx